Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Real Homeland Security


For some reason I'd bet that this is the last house in the neighborhood to be burglarized. Thanks to my friend, who will go unnamed, for passing these along.


Xaq Fixx said...

it's so beautiful

Grant said...

I am insanely jealous. Any chance the owners of this fine collection would want to adopt a 30-something like me? :-)

CTone said...

The collection belonged to Bruce Stern, a now former NRA Director.

Google "Bruce Stern Gun Collection" and you will get all sorts of information. I can't seem to find the auction list with pictures, but here's a list of what he had with prices:
He had some very expensive stuff!

Peter M. Eyre said...

Thanks for the info ctone. I bet too that the NRA Museum hoped to acquire some of his collection.

Fox said...

I love how there are chairs in the room.

"Let's go discuss this in the vault."