Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Keep Your Mail from Government's Prying Eyes

By using Earth Class Mail. Basically, instead of having your mail sent to your residence or a P.O. Box, it's sent to Earth Class Mail. This is especially good for folks who are on the road (as you can view your mail after its been scanned by Earth Class Mail reps) or those who wish to stay off government's radar.

According to the company:
No matter where our customers are, they simply log in to their secure Earth Class Mail account to view scanned images of their mail envelopes. They then decide which items to have opened and securely scanned so they can read the contents online, and which items should be recycled, shredded, archived, or forward-shipped to them wherever they're located – all with a few clicks of a mouse.
Thanks to Jason for making me aware of this service.

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Brass said...

And... why won't the Statists start opening every letter sent there?